Wimbledon Station (Tramlink Branch)

Top Level Construction were contracted to carry out the platform surfacing works for the new Tramlink platform extension

Wimbledon Station (Tramlink Branch)

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Part of a £30 million scheme designed to increase the capacity of the London Tram network, the Wimbledon Line Enhancement Programme led to platform arrangements for trams being reconfigured at Wimbledon Station and a second one being created. Top Level were on hand to carry out the essential resurfacing.

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As part of London Tramlink’s Wimbledon Line Enhancement Programme, a new platform and track was designed and constructed at Wimbledon Station in south-west London, led by principal contractor Cleshar. The aim was to increase service capacity and ease passenger congestion. Stage 1 of the project was the design and build of a new platform, including track formation and installation. This included remodelling the area to build the additional tram platform at the station and installing track and associated overhead line equipment. Top Level were then contracted to hand lay surfacing to the platform extension – circa 500m2.